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The Fixer of the Broken

The Portal widened to show me a car winding down a remote country road. I could feel the warmth of the perfectly-temperatured sun upon my face. A family rode joyfully along inside of the car. A man was driving. He looked like a pleasant man, one that cared for his family. The dirt under his nails and the scrapes along his arms clearly showed that he worked with his hands. The man sat quietly as a smile emerged from his lips and uncontrollably stretched across his face. A woman bounced in her seat next to him as she mouthed the words to a popular song, occasionally popping her head to the back seat to encourage the children to sing along. Twin girls, about 4 years old, chuckled as their mom b

The Dancer and the Stranger

The mouth of the portal pulsed and hummed as it gaped to reveal a quiet, dimly-lit street. I saw a girl walking in the rain, visibly upset. She wore a shirt showing the silhouette of a dancer centered on the front. She sullenly meandered into a remote pub where she sat alone and sad. The girl sat at the bar of the pub as the rain hammered against the roof, offering refuge for its remaining patrons. She wiped wetness from her eyes. "Beer please." She ordered to the bartender. She noticed his questioning look as if he thought she was underage, but chose to give her the drink anyway. The top of the beer mug hissed and fizzled as she plunged the glass toward her lips. She carelessly returned the