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Thank you for playing Classified! Here is how things unfolded...

There were 3 live bombs out of the total 7.

Aviur and Adara had fathers who were former business partners. Adara's father, Artur, specialized in explosives and Aviur's father, Vadim, usually handled the financial transactions. As time went on, Artur noticed a change in Vadim's behavior. Vadim became

paranoid and unpredictable. Artur could no longer trust him. Being a violent man, his solution was to kill Vadim, and so he did.

Artur was the biological father of Adara and the adoptive father of Aziz. He adopted Aziz when he was only two years-old because

he only ever wanted a son. Adara and Aziz had a strained relationship with their father because he was abusive and would beat

them with a bamboo rod. Adara was mostly passive about this, but Aziz grew to hate Atur so much that he plotted to kill him. Aviur, 

on the other hand, loved and was loved by his father. His father's death at the hands of Artur was devestating and left Aviur with a

thirst for revenge. 

Aziz had finally had enough of his father. Since Artur had taught his children his extensive knowledge of explosives, Aziz staged

his murder and made it look like an accidental explosion, thus killing Artur. 

Zeke and Gianna worked for Aviur. Because they worked so closely, they ended up falling in love and telling Aviur that they were

done with the business and going to leave together. Aviur later kills both Zeke and Gianna for their betrayal. Aziz witnesses Zeke's

murder and becomes afraid that he may be next on the list. Aziz sees Aviur exhibiting the same paranoia signs of Vadim that he 

heard so many stories about. 

Aviur still had his mind set on avenging his father's death, and since he could kill Artur, he recruited Aziz to help him frame his sister, Adara, for the planting of the bombs in exchange for sparing Aziz's life. Aziz agreed, but eventually realized that he no longer wanted

to support Aviur once he saw that he was becoming more and more unhinged. Aziz decided to help with the investigation and leave

clues for the detectives that subtly revealed Aviur's true identity.

In conclusion, Aviur hated that his father was murdered by Artur, so he took revenge by attempting to frame his daughter, Adara,

by placing evidence pointing toward her on his clues.