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Christopher Bowden

Chris has been gaming since he was six years old and developed an early interest in its art form. What was once a hobby to help pass the time quickly evolved into a passion to tell stories and breathe life into what was once just imagination. Chris' affection for games originated on early video game consoles and snowballed into board game design. Chris would spend hours drawing harsh sketches of adventure games on poster board (that should've been used for homework) and forcing his family to play his creations. Chris developed Winter Moon

Games from the ground up and handles all of the day-to-day operations including game design, graphic design, website, social media, video content and more!


Lead Designer & Content Creator

‎Phoebe Azucena

Phoebe is a self-taught artist who has been practicing art since she was old enough to hold a pencil. She goes by the artist name PAZ, combining the initials from her first and last name. Paz is also the Spanish word for peace. Although she has received very little formal training, art has always been one of her passions. Two of Phoebe's most valuable resources for learning art were her local library and growing up in the small artistic town of Rockport, MA. She learned to work with several mediums and techniques by spending countless hours reading and practicing what she learned as well as conversing with local artists. After experimenting with several mediums, PAZ has found her favorite to be gauche watercolor and ink. Her art has evolved from her roots in realism to involve postimpressionistic and surrealistic influences. She believes that art should be playful, full of wonder, and an inspiration for creativity in others. 



Artist, Pandemonium Estate