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No one really wants to read a long-butt post about the woes of some dude they don't even know. So here's the long and short of it....

I have always had a dream to make games. Video games, in particular. I love the stories, the art, and the infinite possibilities. So I started working on a game. Having no experience with coding or artwork (or anything to do with video game design) I decided that I would be the writer and project manager of a small team.

I put together a team of artists, riggers, designers, modelers, and even a music guy. Unfortunately, none of us really knew what we were doing and the entire thing fell apart. I decided that if I wanted to make my dream for game design come true, I needed to take the action into my own hands, so that's exactly what I did.

I began work on my debut board game that is now known as Pandemonium Estate. I wanted to achieve the level of interactivity, innovation, and fun that I got out of playing board games as a 90's kid, but adapt it to today's audience. So I flipped a circular coffee table upside down on a poster board and used it to trace a circle for the board. I took a nickel out of my pocket and traced that to draw board spaces. Before long I had six very rough foam board wedges that could be moved around and made up the circular game board.

A few months later, after getting ripped off $1,500 plus by a freelance designer and artist for a prototype of the game, I felt like I was ready to hit Kickstarter! After all, Kickstarter is where dreams are born! Insert incorrect buzzer noise here! WRONG! Unfortunately, the Kickstarter culture is no longer what our forefathers knew it to be. People only invest in a complete product. I'll save that rant for another time. The important part of the story is that I ignored all of that and went to Kickstarter well before I was even ready, with my shabby board game and a very incomplete concept...

I failed the Kickstarter campaign. Obviously. My goal was $55,000 ... I raised about $2,800. When all was said and done, the loss definitely took some wind out of my sails. For about three months I did next to nothing on the game. I was relatively defeated. Once I completed my five stages of grief, I picked myself up again and decided that I wasn't going to give up on this game. Nearly 4 years later, the game is complete and in its final stages of development. I listened to all of the feedback from the Kickstarter campaign and play testers. One of the suggestions being this very website and blog. (Who launches a Kickstarter without a website? THIS GUY!)

Now things are going very well. Pandemonium Estate is an up and coming gateway game to be enjoyed by novice and enthusiast gamers alike, and I am hoping to go back to Kickstarter some time in the fall of 2017. The hard work, disappointment, and time investment was well worth it, and I can't wait to share it with everyone! Don't give up on your dreams. Make it happen.

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