• Christopher Bowden

How RPG's changed my life.

Video games, especially, have become a huge part of our culture. Anyone who was born over the last 30 years most likely grew up with video games in their home in some capacity. Because of this, games have influenced our society in more ways than we probably realize.

When I was growing up, I had trouble reading. Not because I couldn't read, but because I had a hard time staying focused and retaining what I read. As a result, I ranked up as one of the slower readers in my grammar school class.

However, I quickly found my groove in playing RPG's. Back in the mid-late 90's, most RPG's were text-based with little to no voice acting. This meant that the player had to read all of the dialogue boxes in-game in order to advance the story and understand the objective.

I played SO many RPG's growing up and video games were MY thing. That being said, I actually became a more controlled and fluent reader because of RPG's. Specific games such as Final Fantasy, Wild Arms, Chrono Trigger and even Maniac Mansion (one of my personal favorites) were catalyst in me becoming a lover of stories and reading in general. I'm interested in hearing your gaming success stories, specifically with video games.

What obstacles did you face in your early years that were helped by gaming? What do you consider is a strength you now retain as an adult that you took from video games as an adolescent or young adult?

Christopher Bowden


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