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We're Officially Official!

Last Wednesday was an exciting day for us at Winter Moon Games as we made our first official "business expense." We traveled to Art Supplies Wholesale in Beverly, MA to pick up our paints for the game art. In a short amount of time and $97.00 later, we purchased all of the paint and pencils that we need to complete the artwork for Pandemonium Estate! Chris was very excited to show off his first official business receipt.

chris with receipt.JPG

Phoebe, lead artist, was excited to get the paints and get started coloring the board art, which is finally all sketched out and currently being inked. Phoebe, also known as PAZ, decided that it would be best to choose Gouache paints to get the job done. Gouache paint is similar to water color except that it gives the artwork more of an opaque and reflective look in the finished product. We chose this style because we want our art to stand out for its vibrancy and color.

paints 1.JPG

Finally, PAZ was kind enough to give you readers an inside look into her domain. This is where the magic happens, and today, due to massive amounts of snowfall in the northeast, PAZ has been working hard to finish up the final touches of the sketches.

paints 2.jpg

We are very excited to see our artwork evolve over the next few weeks. We will be posting any new artwork as it gets finished. I'll leave you with a couple questions for all of you fellow artiststs;

What are your preferred art styles? What kinds of techniques make you feel comfortable? Which ones do you hate? Start the conversation and share it with your friends!

As always, thank you all for your support.

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