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Indie vs. Main Stream


So I just got back from attending PAX East in Boston and I must say, of the 5-6 years I've attended PAX, this was probably the least impressive. Even though it was the largest attendance (approximately 100,000 people) there just didn't seem to be much that interested me.

There was a massive Indie presence, and as an indie developer, I thought that was super cool! But I must admit that I do miss the massive AAA game companies with their spectacle displays and high-budget titles.

So I can't seem to decide for myself; obviously I'm a huge supporter of the indie movement, or I wouldn't be here. But are we, as indies, running the risk of being swallowed up by companies with deep pockets or, as indicated by PAX East, are the indies taking over?

One of my theories is that since most of these heavy-hitting developers are west coast-centeralized, they don't want to (nor do they need to) spend the money to come all the way out to Boston. They know their games will sell, and they don't see a need to travel to PAX East. They'd rather save their money and attend PAX Prime in Seattle or E3.

What do you guys think?

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