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Wonder Woman: The Role Model We All Need

Score 8.5/10

This blog isn't always going to be about gaming. I'm a nerd, therefore I will also be writing about nerdy things. I went to see Wonder Woman last night and thought I would give my review!

DC movies have not had the best track record as of late. Batman vs. Superman was mediocre at best and Suicide Squad was an absolute train wreck inside of a dumpster fire. The being said, with Wonder Woman, I was skeptical. I had an idea of what they wanted to achieve but I was pretty sure that they were not even going to come close to hitting the mark. I was wrong.

While Wonder Woman was not a perfect film, its heart and positive message makes it all worth it. I hesitate to say run and take your daughters to see this movie. There were a few sexual references that went on at an awkwardly long rate. One in particular where Diana briefly mentions something to the effect of "men are unnecessary to the physical pleasure of a woman." This line does two things; for girls, it says that you can use your sexuality to your advantage. For boys, it says that you will never be able to pleasure a woman physically and if you want to, that's somehow wrong. Both are incredibly skewed views. Especially seeing as how Diana seduces a man later in the film simply by using her body language. I'm confused... Sexuality did not need to be mentioned in order for her to be respected as a role model.

What the writers thankfully shift their focus to is Diana's sense of compassion and courage. One thing I noticed about Wonder Woman compared to other superhero movies is that Diana is a character that is confident and knows who she is. Unlike some of our other human, flawed, brooding characters that are always walking the line of the moral gray area, Diana follows and trusts her pure heart. While she's often told that she can't save everyone, Wonder Woman continues to selflessly throw herself into harm's way for the greater good. Not in a defiant way, but in a bold way. And for little girls (and boys) to see a woman doing this, it makes it all the more important.

In a world full of Miley Cyruses, young girls need to start looking up to female role models like Wonder Woman. And this movie is the perfect place to start. Diana constantly demonstrates compassion, kindness, understanding, and forbearance to complete strangers. She treats the men and women around her with total respect and looks for nothing in return. She is the ideal female role model.

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