• Quentin Northcott

The Fixer of the Broken

The Portal widened to show me a car winding down a remote country road. I could feel the warmth of the perfectly-temperatured sun upon my face. A family rode joyfully along inside of the car. A man was driving. He looked like a pleasant man, one that cared for his family. The dirt under his nails and the scrapes along his arms clearly showed that he worked with his hands.

The man sat quietly as a smile emerged from his lips and uncontrollably stretched across his face. A woman bounced in her seat next to him as she mouthed the words to a popular song, occasionally popping her head to the back seat to encourage the children to sing along. Twin girls, about 4 years old, chuckled as their mom became more animated with each line of the song.

The song ended and the woman turned back to face the front as she wiped the hair from the front of her face with a sigh of exhaustion.

"Really belted that one out there, eh?" The man said as he gave the woman a judgmental look.

"You just WISH you had my singing skills!" She barked back as she cranked up the air conditioner. "I'm melting! It's gotta be over 100. I don't think the AC is working."

"Sorry, hon." He replied. "The parts I needed to fix it didn't come before we had to leave. I'll tinker with it when we get to the hotel."

"My resourceful man!" The woman replied with a mischievous grin, as she turned around to the girls. "You guys ready for a snack?" The twins nodded and beamed with delight as the woman reached into the bag at her feet to get food.

The man peeked into his mirror to snatch a glance at his smiling daughters when his eyes were suddenly pulled back to the road as a pickup truck sped toward them head on.

The man violently swerved the car just enough for the truck to knick the rear bumper of the family's car. The screeching tires drowned out the screams of the family as their car went airborne, flipping more times than I could count, until coming to a sudden stop upside down in a cloud of smoke and dust on a pile of it's own debris. The truck that hit them paused for a moment, then sped from the scene, leaving me, the only witness, able to only watch helplessly in horror.

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